PVC Crust Foam Board Product Testing Method

- May 11, 2018-

(1) Plate surface: The handle is smooth and flat, the mechanical texture is not obvious, the surface color is colorless, milky white, the surface is not stained, there is no obvious small pit, no pinhole, no coarse hole, crack. Note: The non-milk foam board infiltrates into the recycled waste board and does not belong to the environmental protection board. The environmental protection board does not contain lead (the content is less than the European and American standards).

(2) Plate side: The incision is smooth, fine pores, no pinholes, no large holes, powder is not serious, there is no bee hole, the opening material fiber self-shedding, no mouthwash. Note: It is necessary to pay attention to the above situation.

(3) Thickness measurement: When the caliper is placed on the surface, the contact is closely spaced, the left and right thicknesses are uniform, and the left, right, and right measurements are made. The deviation is large, and the positive and negative 0.2 mm thickness deviation is normal.

(4) Board weight algorithm: weight (grams) = length * width * thickness (cm) * density,

(5) Density algorithm: Density = weight (grams) / length * width * thickness (cm).