PVC free foaming board extraordinary performance

- May 11, 2018-

The use of PVC was once very controversial in Western countries. Many people tried to replace PVC with various other materials. However, it turns out that the quality of PVC is not inferior to other alternatives, but is cheaper than these materials in terms of cost. Relevant experts have found through research that in many industries, giving up the use of PVC will generate considerable additional costs. The specific data shows that giving up the use of PVC will increase the additional cost of several billion marks. For specific consumers, this will mean a huge extra expense. In the case of windows with PVC as the surface material, if these windows do not use PVC, but use ordinary wood as the surface layer, then only the cleaning and maintenance of an item will increase the alarming cost. In a small town in the UK, people have used wooden windows for the past two decades. Some people have investigated the cost of cleaning and maintenance of these windows and compared them with the cost of cleaning PVC windows. The results show that wood The cost of cleaning ordinary windows is twice as high as that of PVC windows.