The main purpose of PVC

- May 11, 2018-

1. Polyvinyl chloride profile

Profiles and profiles are the largest areas of PVC consumption in China, accounting for about 25% of total PVC consumption. They are mainly used for the production of doors and windows and energy-saving materials, and their applications are still growing at a significant rate throughout the country. In developed countries, the market share of plastic doors and windows is also the highest, such as Germany is 50%, France is 56%, the United States is 45%.

2. PVC pipe

Among the many PVC products, PVC pipe is its second largest consumer area, accounting for about 20% of its consumption. In China, PVC pipes are developed earlier than PE pipes and PP pipes. They have many varieties, excellent performance, and a wide range of applications, occupying an important position in the market.

3. PVC film

In the field of PVC film, the third largest consumer of PVC is about 10%. After the PVC is mixed with the additives and plasticized, a transparent or colored film of a predetermined thickness is formed by a three-roll or four-roll calender, and the film is processed into a rolled film by this method. Can also be tailored, heat sealed packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains, inflatable toys. Wide transparent film can be used for greenhouses, plastic greenhouses and plastic film. The biaxially stretched film can be used for shrink packaging because of its thermal shrinkage characteristics.